Wilmington Millennium offer deceased data cleansing, fraud prevention and insurance lead generation products created in conjunction with leading industry partners. 

These include:
  • Mortascreen and Halo, the UK's leading deceased data files used for compliance, mortality fraud and identity theft prevention
  • QuickPages reaches new motor insurance customers through a unique direct mail directory targeted at drivers prior to their renewal dates

Latest News

  • The importance of trust when it comes to ID fraud

    A new report by Experian which surveyed 10,000 consumers and more than 1,000 businesses across 21 countries, including the UK, reveals that building consumer trust is key in the current market as it outweighs the fear of identity fraud amongst customers.


  • Personalisation of DM results in 128% uplift

    Do you segment your direct mail? If not, you should as it results in an average uplift of 128%!


  • The rise of the cyber funeral

    The funeral is as old as man itself. For instance, archaeologists have found the burial grounds of Neanderthals in Iraq dating back to 60,000 BC. Antlers were positioned on the bodies, along with remains of flowers indicating some type of ritual and the provision of votive offerings to the deceased. Fast forward 80,000 years and today it isn’t uncommon to have two funerals. One for your body and departed soul and another for your online profile.