Wilmington Millennium offer deceased data cleansing, fraud prevention and insurance lead generation products created in conjunction with leading industry partners. 

These include:
  • Mortascreen and Halo, the UK's leading deceased data files used for compliance, mortality fraud and identity theft prevention
  • QuickPages reaches new motor insurance customers through a unique direct mail directory targeted at drivers prior to their renewal dates

Latest News

  • Altogether now... OM

    Mindfulness is a mind-body medicine practice, based on ancient Zen Buddhist meditation techniques, that was popularized by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. According to Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness is an internal resource that all of us already have within us. The idea is to channel or direct this resource to enhance our lives. In the largest ever scientific review of its kind into mindfulness The Oxford Mindfulness Centre revealed that Mindfulness reduces depression by 23 per cent. That’s all great, but what has any of this got to do with mail media? Quite a lot actually.


  • The direct marketing services industry is booming

    According to a new report from Marketing Insights, the global direct marketing services industry is booming. This will be welcome news to the DM sector in the UK, which although remaining positive in the face of GDPR, has lost budget share to digital channels as organisations get to grips with what the new legislation means in practice.


  • mindful mailing

    A new report by the ICO reveals that data protection complaints have doubled over the past 12 months. What does this means for mail media?