Wilmington Millennium offer deceased data cleansing, fraud prevention and insurance lead generation products created in conjunction with leading industry partners. 

These include:
  • Mortascreen and Halo, the UK's leading deceased data files used for compliance, mortality fraud and identity theft prevention
  • QuickPages reaches new motor insurance customers through a unique direct mail directory targeted at drivers prior to their renewal dates

Latest News


    Our new research reveals that Millennials and Generation Z are the most empowered age groups when it comes to protecting their personal information. Sixteen to thirty-four year olds are the most likely to act on the powers afforded to them by GDPR.


  • Motor finance fraud at an all time hight

    New figures show that over the past twenty four months there has been a sharp increase in motor finance fraud. According to industry specialists the concern for car dealers is that, unfortunately, this has vast potential to rise further as more consumers finance vehicles online and opt for PCP (personal contract purchase).


  • Calls to tighten marketing laws to spare the bereaved

    An Angus politician has written to the UK government asking for regulations to be reviewed to stop the “distress” of bereaved families receiving marketing letters addressed to deceased loved ones reports The Courier (3 December)