Wilmington Millennium offer deceased data cleansing, fraud prevention and insurance lead generation products created in conjunction with leading industry partners. 

These include:
  • Mortascreen and Halo, the UK's leading deceased data files used for compliance, mortality fraud and identity theft prevention
  • QuickPages reaches new motor insurance customers through a unique direct mail directory targeted at drivers prior to their renewal dates

Latest News

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    Identity fraud committed by the new residents of home movers' previous address is on the rise - and sadly so is deceased previous occupier fraud. Here's what you can do about it


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    As new anti-money laundering regulations come in at the end of the month, we look at what these mean for deceased identity fraud


  • Project manage your way to GDPR compliance

    As yet more scaremongering research surrounding GDPR comes to light we look at practical ways that organisations can start working their way towards compliance