Mortascreen, the UK's most effective deceased suppression file

With over 1,500 deaths every day in the UK marketing databases can deteriorate quickly. 

Mailing to deceased names is not only a waste of your precious marketing budget,it can also be extremely upsetting for relatives when they continue to receive mailings addressed to loved ones they have lost.


Mortascreen is updated every
month with around 40,000 new
records from known and trusted
sources. No other deceased
suppression file offers such
comprehensive and up-to-date

It creates the wrong impression about your organisation's customer relationships and could even result in bad PR causing more widespread damage to your hard won reputation.

Fortunately, there's a simple and effective way to remove deceased records – Mortascreen, the UK's original and most comprehensive deceased suppression file.

Mortascreen contains name and address details, with around 40,000 new records added each month. Not only is it the most effective suppression tool available, it's also one of the most cost-effective; paying for itself in saved mailing costs alone.

No other file can match Mortascreen for size, accuracy and recency – which is why over 90% of the UK's Top 100 Mailers rely on it to ensure that their files are free from deceased names.

Mortascreen is the preferred, proven and trusted choice of direct mailers throughout the UK and guarantees more accurate, comprehensive and recent data than any other deceased file.

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