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Mail is the most responsible form of direct marketing

A new report from the DMC documenting the complaints registered with the body over the past year reveals that telemarketing, email marketing and text marketing all have much to learn from direct mail

A new report from the Direct Marketing Commission, the body that oversees the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) reveals that direct mail is the most responsible form of direct marketing. 

The DMC received 230 complaints from businesses and consumers in the last year mostly concerning the clarity of the consents that businesses believe they have when marketing by telephone, text or e-mail and the extent to which these consents are given – or claimed – by some third-party suppliers of data.

Permissions are absolutely key in the modern age of direct marketing and direct mailers as a result of the consumer backlash against the medium understand the concepts of relevance and targeting are paramount to both driving effectiveness and reducing any bad feeling towards the channel. Our research at the back end of last year showed that a record number of pieces of direct mail are now being opened demonstrating the value that consumers place in well thought out campaigns - for example who doesn't want a money off voucher in the build up to Christmas or a branded magazine on how to economise in January?

Of course there are still many mailings that slip through the net, for example being sent to people that have passed away but stringent data hygiene practices can alleviate this problem. It is therefore time for affiliates, telemarketers and digital marketers to clean up their act and start taking permissions seriously or face significant repercussions in the form of sanctions and increased consumer complaints particularly in the wake of GDPR which comes in next year. 

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