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This week as we face lockdown, the DVLA has urged motorists to not share images of their driving licence or vehicle documents on social media.

This comes at a time when social media usage is in ascendance due to the amount of timenow being spent at home and the warning that scammers are ramping up fraudulent activity during the confusion caused by coronavirus.

The official body has said that many motorists make the simple error of taking an image of their licence after they have passed their test or when they receive their new photo card following the expiry of an old one and upload it to social media without first removing vital information. It is worth remembering that these images do not have a shelf life and if not protected are available to potential fraudsters sometime years after the initial images was posted.

The image of a driving licence can provide criminals with as much information as if they have stolen the card. 

According to motoring experts GreenFlag, fraudsters can use the driver number to open bank accounts, take out mobile phone contracts and other finance deals.  

The DVLA has also seen a recent rise in text message phishing scams which are sent to road users requesting card details and information about their policies. 

Given the financial loss many businesses face due to coronavirus, falling victim to increased identity fraud activity is something that can be ill afforded. Which is why in these unprecedented times it is critical that organisations ensure that their fraud processes and procedures continue to be well maintained.

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