Wilmington Millennium offer deceased data cleansing, fraud prevention and insurance lead generation products created in conjunction with leading industry partners. 

These include:
  • Mortascreen and Halo, the UK's leading deceased data files used for compliance, mortality fraud and identity theft prevention
  • QuickPages reaches new motor insurance customers through a unique direct mail directory targeted at drivers prior to their renewal dates

Latest News

  • The Billion pound cost of blue badge fraud

    Decision Marketing has recently published our latest research looking into the cost of Blue Badge fraud. Read the full article below to discover just how problematic the issue is for local government


  • Global battle against ID fraud rages

    US Federal and European law-enforcement agencies last week seized the domain of WeLeakInfo.com, an online site that allegedly held and sold access to 12 billion stolen records from 10,000 data breaches.


  • Mailing the deceased causes distress to the bereaved

    An article in the Derby Telegraph reported that a grandfather who passed away following a motorcycle crash has received a notice through the post from the DLVA to insure his vehicle.