Smartlink, locates forwarding addresses to retain your customers


Acquiring a new customer can
cost 6-7 times more than retaining
an existing one

In business as in life, an established relationship will make it easier for you to achieve a positive response. It therefore stands to reason that it is more cost effective to retain an existing customer rather than convert a completely new one.  But this can only be achieved if you hold up-to-date contact details for them.

Smartlink is a proprietary forwarding address link database derived from Lexis Nexis' holistic database of the UK population, and available exclusively through Wilmington Millennium. 

It details consumer address movement spanning over a decade and calls upon a wealth of up to date data to enable you to regain contact with customers and prospects that have moved home.


Mail incorrectly addressed or
discarded costs UK companies
an estimated £150 million a year

Past and present information is collated from an abundance of data sources, which are evaluated and processed via Smartlink’s intuitive tracing scorecard to create an address movement history that you can rely on.

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