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  • HMRC: April Fools

    Along with Marmite Clear, HMRC made a fool out of April the first. It was of course supposed to be the day the the tax man removed VAT exe
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  • GMA Talkback

    Spring cleaning: polish up your data

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  • Ignorantia juris non excusa

    This week the ICO has announced plans to crack down on unscrupulous use of data. It is going on a mystery shopping exercise to sign up to web
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  • Belle Weather for DM

    2015 is shaping up to be a bumper year for direct marketers. 

    The Bellwether Report, now in its fifteen year, records th
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  • Deceased data costs brands and countries dear

    Irish Water has caused significant upset by sending out a number of bills to deceased customers. The brand damage this error will cause is si
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